About Euromaidan Canada

We formed in December 2013, as part of Ukrainian Canadian Congress branch in Toronto, and since then we have been very active in supporting our brothers and sisters in Ukraine during the latest crisis. We meet weekly to organize a number of events and initiatives.

We inspired and helped other cities to start their own Euromaidan Committees or actions (ex. Ottawa, Montreal). We even produced a Rally-organizing kit for others, based on our experiences and to help them mobilize quicker.

Our membership fluctuates over time. We are 84 members and new members are always welcome! As we grew in size, we specialized into smaller subgroups/subcommittees. We have 5 active subcommittees:

  • Website
  • Media
  • Anti-Propaganda
  • Fundraising
  • Strategy




  • supporting journalists and independent TV programing (like espresso and hromadske)
  • medical aid to victims of Maidan and now to soldiers in ATO regions
  • supporting Crimean Tatar TV station (ATR)
  • humanitarian aid to victims and families of victims of Maidan and now ATO
  • supplies for Maidans in East Ukraine back in winter
  • non-lethal aid to ATO forces (ex. first aid kits, vests, helmets, goggles, radios, sleeping bags)
  • moral support for Maidan and ATO forces (cards with messages of support from kids in CA)
  • housing and supplies for Maidan protesters (back in winter)


Join our team!

Email: euromaidan.canada@gmail.com
Euromaidan Canada


Since December 2013, we have organized well over 80 various events in support of Ukraine and our projects in Ukraine. Here is list:

Date Event
24-Nov-13 Rally at Consulate General of UA in Toronto
December, 2013 December UA consulate in Toronto Sunday rallies
December, 2013 Hard Copy Petition Campaign to the House of Commons
29-Dec-13 Niagara Falls Rally
6-Jan-14 Recorded Special greeting to Maidan
10-Jan-14 Special Moleben at St.Demetrius on Lakeshore for T.Chornovol
26-Jan-14 Rally at City Hall
29-Jan-14 Ottawa Rally with buses from Toronto
31-Jan-14 UCC meeting with ministers at Toronto
Jan to Mar 2014 Hustky sales
February, 2014 Letter to Austrian Consulate
Feburary, 2014 Temporary memorial for Heros of Maidan on Bloor St
14-Feb-14 Deutschebank Picket, Toronto
17-Feb-14 Babylon 13 Docs Chronicles of Maidan – cinema
18-Feb-14 Emergency Rally at UA consulate
19-Feb-14 Emergency Rally at UA consulate, day 2
20-Feb-14 Candle-lit vigil (Bloor and Jane)
21-Feb-14 Prayer vigil for UA and panahyda for NebesnaSotnia – St.Dmetrius on LaRose
23-Feb-14 Maidan of Heros at Queen’s Park
26-Feb-14 RU Consulate Rally
28-Feb-14 Panahyda for NebesnaSotnia – St.D on Lakeshore
1-Mar-14 Playing for Ukraine
2-Mar-14 Spring “Yarmarok” Garage Sale
3-Mar-14 City Hall by invitation by Deputy Mayor
8-Mar-14 March to “1994 Memorandum Signatories'” Cosulates in Toronto
9-Mar-14 Shevchenko Maidan
14-Mar-14 Golden Lion Music Marathon
15-Mar-14 Experience the Revolution Pannel Discussion
16-Mar-14 Mega March for Crimea
23-Mar-14 Rally for United Ukraine at RU Consulate
28 & 29 Mar 2014 CA-UA Razom Concert/Maidan Tonight
30-Mar-14 Remember the Heavenly Hundred + Yulia visit
March, 2014 Elections campaign
March, 2014 RT Petition
Mar to Apr, 2014 weekly picketing of RU consulate
Mar-Apr, 2014 Medical Aid mission to UA
3-Apr-14 Haytarma Movie Premier at Humber Cinema
4-Apr-14 Empire Club – UA Consul
5-Apr-14 Easter Yarmarok
12-Apr-14 Pysanka workshop
13-Apr-14 Palm Sunday
17-Apr-14 Vodka Twitter Storm
22-Apr-14 Empire Club – RU Ambasador
27-Apr-14 Soccer Tournament Fundraiser
April, 2014 Russian Vodka Ban campaing – Ontario
April, 2014 Stop Putin stickers
April, 2014 Stop Putin’s Artists letter writing campaing
on-going meetings with MPs and MPPs
10-May-14 Walk-a-thon for Peace
08-May-14 The 2014 National SUSK Congress: A Maidan for Ukrainian Canadian Students (for more info see: www.congress.susk.ca or contact Emily Bayrachny (milya.bayrachny@hotmail.com).
12-May-14 Medical Aid team’s debriefing on their UA trip
18-May-14 70th Anniversary Commemoration of Tatar deportation
25-May-14 ELECTIONS – May 25th
31-May-14 Skype Teleconference with Maidan in Hamilton
31-May-14 For the Sake of the Soul charity classical music concert in Toronto
31-May-14 VyshyvanyjVechir Fundraiser Zabava
01-Jun-14 Mistral Ship Picket at French consulate – self-organized
June 2014 Ukrainian Day School Fundraisers
July 2014 Support Letters to ATO from camp Sokil
05-Jul-14 Fundraising picnic – UCC-Hamilton
13-Jul-14 MEGA MARCH against Terrorism in Ukraine
13-Jul-14 World Cup Final fundraiser – Tarash Shevchenko Hall
Jun 19 to Jul 12, 2014 RE:Ukraine Fundraising – Celox campaign
17-Jul-14 Vigil outside Dutch consulate
July 15  – present Re:Ukraine Fundraising – School children campaign
July 16, 2014 RE:Ukraine – SchoolZone  -Not WarZone
24-Jul-14 MH17 Memorial Rally at Russian consulate
Aug 2-4, 2014 LemkoVatra Fundraising
Aug 4th, 2014 Round table with Ruslana
Aug 16-17, 2014 RE:Ukraine and Future Bakery Fundraiser for Ukraine
Sept 6, 2014 RE: Ukraine  – Clothing Drive for displaced people from ATO in Ukraine
Sept 12-13,2014 “Journey Through Maidan” Exhibit at Bloor West Village Ukrainian Festival
Oct 6-10, 2014 Brown Bag Lunch Fundraiser
Jun-Oct 2014 2000 Kobo readers for injured ATO soldiers in Ukrainian hospitals
on-going STOP RT CRTC Campaign
on-going Improved First Aid Kits for Military campaign with CKY (http://patriotdefence.org/)
on-going “Recovery” Humanitarian Aid Project (humanitarian packages to liberated towns)
June to Sept Fundraising at local Ukrainian Festivals (LemkoVatra, Independence Day Celebration in Toronto, MontrealUkr Festival, Bloor West, OakvilleUkr Festival)