Euromaidan Canada Events

  • +-*It is time to raise awareness about Putin’s Government’s role in the current situation in Ukraine. Ukrainian’s around the Flag of Vladimir Putin world are sending a clear message to Russian President, Vladimir Putin that his direct involvement in the internal affairs of Ukraine, for the purposes of recreating the Soviet Union are not acceptable […]

  • +-*This event is a solemn appeal to the Kremlin to stop its representatives from making inflammatory statements promoting actions against Ukraine’s independence, territorial integrity and right to exist as a democratic state. The demonstration will raise awareness of pressure being exerted on Ukraine by the Kremlin and the ongoing violent, abusive and illegal actions of […]

  • +-*EuroMaidan Ottawa will be hosting a “EuroSkate – Skate in Support of EuroMaidan”. This event is being held to raise awareness of the ongoing violent, abusive and illegal actions of the Ukrainian Government against its’ own people. The Ukrainian Diaspora wishes to show their support for protesters in Kyiv and around Ukraine through a peaceful […]