– By Euromaidan Canada Committee – UCC Toronto

Together, and with the support of, the Bloor West Village Ukrainian Festival and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress branch of Toronto, our committee organized an exhibit called “A Journey Through Maidan” during the Ukrainian festival (http://www.ukrainianfestival.com/) held in Toronto from Sept 12-14, 2014. The exhibit’s goals were to inform the public about the situation in Ukraine, engage in discussion and also raise funds for humanitarian aid projects in Ukraine.

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We engaged the public by recreating symbolic scenes from Maidan, such as the piano player in front of a wall of riot police; the seating area around a fire inside an oil drum; the tire barricades; the Maidan Library; an Open University of Maidan; and the famous “Yolka”. We even participated in the festival parade, by partnering with “Automaidan-Toronto (https://www.facebook.com/automaidantoronto/)”, who represented our Exhibit within the parade.

We informed and engaged the public through our “Open University of Maidan-Toronto”, where experts from Canadian universities and local community groups, as well as Ukraine, gave 15- minute talks about 5 key subjects: Euromaidan, Ukrainian Nationalism, Media and propaganda, Crimea, and Beyond Euromaidan. The full list of our talks and speakers can be found here.We thank all our speakers for their time and effort in making our mini-lecture series a great success!

We also engaged and informed the public through our art exhibits and documentary screenings. One display included nine construction helmets decorated by local Ukrainian-Canadian artists (Kateryna Chalyk, Stanislav Khomenko, Ivan Lazirko, Oleh Lesiuk, Iryna Nadobko, Taras (Ostapchuk, Ihor Polishchuk, Natalya Valeniuk), similar to those created in Kyiv during the protests. We also had 3 photographers, who visited Ukraine during the protests in Kyiv, show their own journeys through Maidan through the images they captured while there. We had a photo exhibit from a Canadian photojournalist Marta Iwanek (http://www.martaiwanek.com/), an exhibit from a UK freelance photographer David Gould (http://www.davidmagould.com/) , and an exhibit from a French photographer Youry Bilak (http://www.yourybilak.com/en/ ). Both the photos and helmets were auctioned off to help raise funds for projects in Ukraine. Finally, in the evenings we screened a documentary called “Heaven Admits No Slaves” by Lesya Lakynska and Ruslan Batytskyi (https://www.facebook.com/heavenadmitsnoslaves/; trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOwi13a6Hd4), who joined our exhibit thanks to our friends from Razom in USA (http://razomforukraine.org/ ). The screening was followed by a discussion with the directors. We would like to thank all our artists, photographers and cinematographers for donating their work and time to our project!

We also would like to thank all the priests, who came out on Sunday afternoon to our exhibit and said a prayer for the fallen and for peace in Ukraine at our Memorial to Hero’s corner. The priests were accompanied by a local choir, who added to the solemn atmosphere with their angelic voices.

Last, but not least, we thank all our hard working volunteers, who helped to build this exhibit and man it throughout the festival, and take it down in record time on Sunday night. You were great! To the festival organizers and our exhibit sponsors and partners – thank you for helping us make this exhibit a success! A special thank you goes to Sonia Holiad for logistical assistance and to the Ukrainian Canadian School Board for their generous support of the Maidan University.

Together we raised $23,985.58 from auctions, sales and donations at our exhibit, which will go to help Ukraine. An additional $10,300 was raised by Maidan Clothing Company (http://www.maidan-clothing.com/) at our exhibit from the sales of their t-shirts – funds that Maidan Clothing used to help Ukraine.

Thank you everyone! Дякуємо!

Together – we make a difference!


Euromaidan Canada Committee – Ukrainain Canadian Congress Toronto.



Amazing work on the Maiden exhibit and congratulations. – MD

Thank you for organizing this very useful and important initiative! – MRS

Congratulations for a job well done. Shkilna Rada was very glad to have been a small part of making the Maidan Exhibit at BWV a resounding success. – LZ

The Maidan exhibit you created was extraordinary; as you promised, it was educational, emotional, and obviously provocative, given that it touched a nerve in regard to the LCBO sign. Marta Iwanec said that when she walked into it she thought she was actually back there, and that the only thing missing was the smell of smoke. I know how much planning, work and anxiety went into the recreation. On behalf of the Festival, I thank you. I wish we had a more long-term home for what you created. – SH

Just wanted to congratulate you and the euromaidan team for a phenomenal job in putting together that maidan exhibit/installation at the BVF. Excellent concept and beautifully executed. I heard only great feedback! Kudos to all of you – I can only imagine the hard work and the many, many, many hours it took to pull it off. – OK

Maidan Exhibition in Toronto. Marta Dyczok Shares Impressions: 


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