Dear Friends of Ukraine…

Merry Christmas! Веселих Свят!

May this holiday season be filled with peace, love and celebration. May festivities bring you ever closer to friends and family and the new year health, happiness and success.

I am asking if you could share this with your Ukrainian friends…

Holiday festivities are even more special when they include superb, award winning products from Ukraine. And you can support Ukraine by doing so. In these times, our Ukrainian suppliers and partners appreciate our business more than ever: the hard currency and revenue is greatly appreciated by them, as they weather tough economic times complicated by a war. Quite simply there are no vodkas on the shelf that have done more for Ukraine and our community than Slava and Zirkova. There is no brewery that has done more for Ukraine than the Lvivske brewery. We would be honoured if they were a part of your celebrations.

Plus, the products themselves are extremely good, so its certainly no sacrifice!

This link/app provides information about where they can be purchased:

support made in ukraine products

support made in ukraine products

Разом Ми Сила!

Слава Україні! Слава Героям!